RIP Grant Hart: Tweets from fans and friends, TV clips from the long ago ‘80s

But as the day goes on, City Pages will also be offering our own tributes to the local music great, supplementing our early morning obituary with remembrances, observations, and relics from the past that we find floating around online.

Twitter testimonials to Hart are already rolling in.

Craig Finn:

Ryan Adams:

Here’s local raconteur and impressario Ian Rains on Hart’s wilder side:

And here’s veteran local musician Matt Helgeson remembering how Hart always remained a part of the Twin Cities music scene: 

And from YouTube, here’s a record of the promotional blitz the band carried out for their final studio album, Warehouse: Songs and Stories in 1987. First, their storied appearance on The Late Show with Joan Rivers.

And here’s an even more interesting, less widely circulated clip from around the same time: Hüsker Dü meets Bryant Gumbel on The Today Show, taped in downtown Minneapolis. The ’80s were a strange time indeed.

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