Facebook Messenger now makes Spotify suggestions based on your conversations

In June of this year, Facebook launched Spotify group playlists within Messenger, so friends and family members could put together a playlist together while talking to one another through the platform.

And now the Spotify integration is getting a bit tighter. Today, as reported by The VergeFacebook Messenger users that take advantage of Messenger’s “M” intelligent assistant will start seeing Spotify suggestions based on data pulled from conversations. That means a specific word or different phrases will activate M and pull up suggestions from within Spotify.

Some examples include simple things like, “Play some music” or “listen to music,” and the M intelligent assistant will offer to look up some music in Spotify. M will also prompt Spotify suggestions if it picks up on even contextual content, including just talking about a particular artist:


“If you tap on the prompt, a webview appears that delivers Spotify content. If the prompt was “Find Music,” the webview shows your recently played Spotify songs, your playlists, and the suggestion to create a group playlist. If the prompt was artist-specific, then the webview shows popular songs from that artist, along with their albums and playlists they appear on.”

It appears that Facebook and Spotify are going to continue to work together to bring these features to Messenger and Spotify users. It will be interesting to see if other platforms, like Apple Music, can work out these types of features and integrations at a later date, or if this is something Facebook and Spotify will keep limited.