Former Viking Esera Tuaolo soars in blind audition on ‘The Voice’ [VIDEO]

It seems like just yesterday we were watching local singer/guitarist Jesse Larson face down all comers only to arrive at a respectable but insufficient fourth place finish because democracy doesn’t work.

But we’ve got a new favorite son. Former Vikings nose tackle Esera Tuaolo didn’t finish his career in Minnesota, but he still lives here, because where else would someone born in Hawaii want to settle down?Tuaolo came out after his retirement, becoming only the third openly gay former NFL player and an outspoken activist for LGBTQ rights.

Tuaolo sang publicly even during his football days. In fact, he once sang the national anthem before a Packers game — then played in the game. On last night’s Season 13 premiere, Tuaolo sang an impassioned version of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” that landed him a spot on Blake Shelton’s team. 

Vote better this time, America.

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