MN teen goes viral with fake Chance the Rapper Twitter account

At the start of last weekend, as everyone was either on their way to see U2 or on Facebook posting about how U2 sucks, the most explosive story in Minnesota Twitter this year blasted across social media like, uh, some really blasty kind of explosion thing.

That’s right: Complex unmasked the creator of a notorious (and weirdly beloved) fake Chance the Rapper Twitter account as … a suburban Minneapolis teen.

The faux Chance in question is 17-year-old Danny Diaz, who told Complex (in a ridiculously lengthy interview) that he makes “about 10 times what the average 17-year-old makes” from his Twitter accounts. When pressed, he clarified that his income is in “the mid” five-figure range.

Diaz’s claim to fame is this tweet, which has so far been retweeted 274,000 times and fav’d 730,000 times.

Even Chance was won over by the tweet’s wholesome message of rudely choosing books over your friends.

The moral here is simple. Trust no one. Especially the teens.