Redeeming 2017

I’m going to take a rough guess and say I’m not the first person to consider 2017 a stressful year in terms of national and international events. And it’s only September. It just feels harder to stay sane and keep stress levels in a reasonable range when the threat of nuclear war looms eerily close, action to reduce or mitigate climate change is being thrown to the wind in America, and human rights are being treated as rather disposable by the country that is supposed to be leading the world in these kinds of things. 

If you’re like me, it has become difficult to keep anxiety in check and focus on the day to day routine of one’s life. My patience is much thinner than normal. I often feel defeated. But there are certain things that still seem to help in this situation, such as music. So here are some of my favorite releases thus far in 2017, that I find myself returning to regularly. Maybe they will do a measurable good for you as well.